We have a friend who used to take photos in his neighborhood.  People would ask him why.  His answer was always the same: "for the culture!"  Open Space is a seed planted in one of the world's most watched creative areas.  With it, we'll grow over the aesthetic & cultural landscape, putting eyes on our artists & bringing new visions to an inspired audience.


Open Space is a project space that strives to facilitate new, emerging and innovative makers, artists and cultural enthusiasts. The pop up will feature a range of makers whose crafts include everything from handmade and vintage fashion, to metalsmiths, to photography and fine art, to food and music.

Our mission is to create a platform that will help develop brands and gain recognition for artists of all sorts.  It will be a month to celebrate the collective artistic endeavors of homegrown talent locally and beyond


Born and raised in New York, Sasha Payton always had “hustle” sewn into her spirit. 

Sasha studied Business Administration with a concentration in Marketing at Brooklyn College and currently works for designer Rebecca Minkoff. While at Rebecca Minkoff,  Sasha re-discovered her passion for Marketing and driving business through an experimental approach. 

Trying her hand at design, Sasha taught herself how to make jewelry as a hobby that later turned that into a full jewelry line and business. This helped her understand further that developing businesses through solving problems and marketing strategies was her true passion. 

Thriving off of new ideas, collaboration and cool concepts, Sasha is on an continuous journey to discover the hottest trends in the retail industry and present them to the emerging community of creatives. 

Folasade Adeoso is a self taught graphic designer, web designer, and model. Folasade is originally from Nigeria, raised in Toronto and currently resides in Brooklyn, New York.

Folasade's curiosity in graphic design began at the age of 14. She started teaching herself photoshop and web coding at 16. Her graphic art and self-portraiture has been covered in international press, e.g. The Guardian, and OKAY AFRICA, and displayed in individual and group art shows.

 At 18 years old, Folasade moved to New York City, where she began a modeling career. She can be found in publications such as Vogue, V Magazine, God Magazine and Essence, and as the face of Adidas and Tumblr. Featured three times in 2015 on Vogue.com, she has organically found an international reputation as a muse for a dynamic group of photographers and artists. She has also acted in television and film and appears in videos for artists like Jill Scott, Jidenna, Melo-X, and Jesse Boykins III.

After her 2013 trip back home to Nigeria, Folasade launched 1953 Collection, an E-commerce site for West African-inspired accessories. Each head wrap and accessory is unique, representing the diverse African cultures and the women at the heart of these traditions.  

Her growing audience is international and diverse, with a dynamic contingent of influential creatives. 


The Team