Work Space Wednesday: Open Space Studios

Folasade outside of Stonefruit Espresso + Kitchen

Folasade outside of Stonefruit Espresso + Kitchen

Open Space Studios is still a new business so we don't have a home office space as yet. In fact our team is completely remote, however, we don't let the lack of an office get in our way. We like to refer to our work space(s) as our mobile offices.

When we meet up with each other we come in tow with our laptops, notebooks, cell phones, cameras and other smart devices. We bounce around from cafe to cafe and temporary meeting spaces depending on our needs for the particular meeting.

Check out a few of Open Space Studios' favorite NYC cafes, meeting grounds, and workspaces. Hope to see you at some of these places!


Sincerely Tommy

If we feel like staying local, we meet briefly at the beautiful BedStuy cafe/retail shop, Sincerely Tommy. At Sincerely Tommy, we mostly catch up over coffee, chat and build on ideas. We love the vibes you get sitting in this space and not to mention, it makes for really great people watching.


Stonefruit Espresso

If we're having, what we like to call, a "power hour" session we head on over to Stone Fruit Expresso. This Bed-Stuy gem is perfect for grabbing a fresh and delicious bite, some coffee and getting down to business. We love this cafe even more because it is full of many flourishing entrepreneurs all with the same agenda of getting -ish done!


Greene Grape

During Open Space's first season, our number one meeting grounds became Fort Green's, Green Grape cafe. If you were looking for us, like clock work, you could fine us here. Greene Grape is larger in size and the atmosphere is great for holding meetings with larger groups. During the warmer days we took advantage of their out door benches.



Breather is a meeting and events space that eases the pressures of being a completely remote team. Breather's fees are sometimes as low as 20 bucks an hour for a space that fit up to 15 people. These spaces are equipped with dry erase boards, markers, conference tables and a lounge area. At Open Space, we host our larger and more important team meetings here.


Margaux inside the Marlton

When we are in lower Manhattan, we frequent the Margaux cafe in the Marlton Hotel. This Mediterranean Cafe has such a beautiful vibes and transports you to another world. We like to nestle in the corner seats of the indoor garden, grab a bite go into work mode.