5 Stress Free Tips For Working On Vaca

It's summer and we all have vacations lined up. If you're entrepreneurs like us at Open Space, work never stops, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't have a blast during your vacation. Here are 5 stress free tips you can use to maximize your vacation while squeezing in some work.

1. Only Do What You Have to Do:

Remember, you're on vacation. The whole point of taking time off is to have some actual fun away from work. Only do work on vacation that absolutely needs to get done. Before heading out, we suggest you make a very small to-do list. Stick to what's on the list while you're away to limit the time you spend working on your vacation. 


2. Consider Internet Access:

Nothing sucks more than getting ready to work and to find out that there is no internet access. Be sure that your accommodation is fully equipped with everything you need, like WiFi. If it's not find out where the local cafe is located. If worst come to worst, bringing a wireless hotspot with you isn't a bad idea. 

"Make more time for play and less time for work while on vacation." 


3. Limit Your Work Hours:

Make more time for play and less time for work while on vacation. On the days you plan on working on your vacation, get your day going as early as possible. Try to dedicate the first couple hours of the day to getting work done that way you have more hours for fun and relaxation. 


4. Get Things Done Ahead of Time:

Preparation is the key to a great vacation. Do your best to accomplish as many tasks ahead of time so that your workload on vacation is light.


5. Determine Your Accessibility:

Set boundaries! How available do you want to be while on vacation? Determine whether or not you'll be receiving work calls or answering emails. Let your partners / co-workers know that you're on vacation and that communication with them will be limited. Set your auto-messaging on in your emails to send alerts that you'll be away from the office.


No one wants to work on their vacation but sometimes it’s unavoidable. When it is, use these 5 tips to make sure work doesn’t overtake your vacation. Now go have a great vacation!