What it takes to be a "Boss Lady"- Words of advice with Made Real Women

Since the launch of Open Space Studios, Made Real Vodka- the female co-created vodka brand, has been our number one partners. The co-creators are comprise of super inspiring female-entrepreneurs, hustlers and all around badass millennial women.

With their tagline being “Self made doesn’t have to be solo” Made Real's mission is to inspire others to make their dreams real.  We love what the Made Real Vodka brand stands for so we asked a few of Made Real’s groundbreaking women to share with us some of their other ideas and thoughts on what it means & takes to be a “boss lady”.

We hope these boss ladies inspire you as much as they do us!


    “Being a boss lady balancing all that life brings and making your dreams into your reality no matter what obstacles gets in your way. It’s perseverance”

- Nicole Williams, Head of Made Real



    “Complaining is Pointless, Either Act or Forget - actions prove who someone is, words just prove who they want to be”

- Michelle Feliciano, Made Real Operations 



        “Being a boss lady means listening to that inner voice that says you need to create, to climb, to conquer, and acting on it unapologetically. And with style, of course”

- Janelle Lloyd, Made Real Co-Creator



    “Knowing the difference between responding and reacting can make or break any decision. As a boss lady, this is how I navigate through my day”

- Alex Vega, Made Real Co-Creator and Sales Manager 



        “It requires a lot of discipline to create your own schedule” 

“As a creative entrepreneur, you are constantly making compromises. The pain is great, but the reward awaiting even greater."

        "Consistency. Dedication. Energy. Humility. Kindness. Patience.”

- Kala Jerzy, Made Real Co-Creator and Blog Contributor



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