3 Reasons You Need A Brunch and Business Ticket

Going to our Brunch and Business events isn’t just another networking event to meet people.  The core focus of all of our brunches and workshops is to connect, inspire and help edify creative entrepreneurs around key topics surrounding entrepreneurship and their business. There are networking events everywhere, and networking is just one part of our Brunch and Business events, so don’t even dare call us just a networking event. 

Everyone needs a little persuasion. Here are 3 reasons why you should attend our next Brunch And Business event: The Start Up Girl (or boy) Workshop. 


1. Creating relationships that count

The relationships that you will build at our events are even stronger than just exchanging business cards and moving on to the next person to network with. We make sure that it’s more natural and less forced. Each attendee and  keynote speaker all have something valuable to share, either it's advice, an experience or event a connection. By opening up our networks we will be able to build a diverse community and conversation on entrepreneurs.


2. Entrepreneurial bootcamp

Not only are you networking with some of the most hard-working bosses, but you’ll also be able to take notes from boss women who already have it made with their own companies. Our speakers lay down the truth when it comes to the ups and downs of running a business, how they have learned from their mistakes, how they have restructured their business strategies, and how every day is a learning lesson for them.


3. Inspiration, information, and motivation to last you a lifetime

What you learn from The Start Up Girl or Boy workshop isn’t just meant to last a weekend only to be forgotten by the Monday you go back to work. Our goal is to make sure that you leave so inspired that you can take the world by storm with your ideas, knowledge, and connections. Our goal is to make sure you can look back at your experience with us and apply what you have learned to real-life work scenarios. We want to see you thrive and succeed, and want to make sure that your Brunch and Business experience lasts a lifetime.

If you've set your mind on buying your ticket for Brunch and Business,  don't waste another second and get your ticket now here! The Start Up Girl Workshop is June 25. Our co-founder, Folasade has extended a limited offer promo code for those who are interested on going. Enter promo code: girlboss. This is going out to the first five people who use the promo code!  Get yours fast!