5 Tips to Organizing your Business Life

Getting organized is no easy task, and we know it! With everyday personal responsibilities, engagements with friends and business obligations, it’s actually very easy to fall behind on what’s really important. 

Here are a few tips to help you organize your business life or life in general…

Get a Real Calendar… & Use it!




Invest a few dollars at your local office supply or drugstore, and buy yourself a calendar. We love having the large hanging calendars around to jot down any upcoming appointments, schedule meetings or just plan for your month ahead. A calendar will help you get a better understanding of what your next few weeks will look like and what could be moved around. 

*Personal tip: Don’t forget to schedule in some “me time” or even time with your loved ones. (Also, see tip #5)


Write it Down (with a real pen)

We’re sicking with the theme of using old fashioned (but good fashioned) methods, like the ancient pen and paper. We like to keep a planner or note book and a writing utensil to help us adjust our day-to-day plans, and view them in a timeline where our phones and other tech gadgets, just won’t suffice. Also, research has proven that writing things down helps with remember things, like meetings. So pencil it in and say bye-bye to missed obligations!

*Recommendation: Our favorite organizer is the Arc customizable book from Staples. They allow you to add and remove different types of pages that may or may not suit your personal needs. They even have add-ins like cool ziplock pouches to store business cards and other lose objects.


Your Smart Phone is Your Best Friend

Utilizing the more commonly used devices, like your smart phone, can help remind you of those obligations you must attend to. The next time you decide to add something to your phone’s calendar, go the extra step by scheduling the time and a notification to keep you up to date and up to the minute. 

*Scheduling tip: Once you nail down a meeting, send out a calendar invite. This will ensure that other members of your meeting will be just as prompt as you! 


Procrastination is Your Worst Enemy!

When it all boils down, you can plan, jot and organize your life away, but what really matters is your will power. You have to jump that hurdle of procrastination and just get it done! (We know, easier said) But truly, getting started is the hardest part. Once you’ve conquered that, you’ll be on a roll.

*Tip: Try getting up a little earlier in the morning and start your day right with some lemon water, coffee or even some soul satisfying mediation. This will put you in the right state of mind to help you take on the day ahead!


Schedule Some "Me Time"

We mentioned this one earlier, but "me time" is so crucial to organizing your (business) life, that it deserves another mention! When your body and mind is already on over load, handling your responsibilities becomes an even harder task. So take a breather, and block out some space on your calendar for some much needed QT with yourself!

*The low-down: When you clear your mind, you'll be better prepared to handle everything else thrown your way. You'll breeze through business obligations like a pro!